4 HR | $80


This workshop includes learning the 5 Healing Organ Qigong which is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a simple Qigong exercise sequence that you can do every day to help maintain optimal health and wellbeing.


You will also learn a short Tai Chi Form    (4 Core Form) that can be practiced without needing a lot of space.



1 HR | $10



Classes are a combination of joint mobility exercises, Qigong & Tai Chi. These classes are great to re-balance your energy and help maintain health.

Classes are suitable for beginners.  Additional instruction is provided to students with more experience

Saturday 12pm - 4pm

Workshop is suitable for all levels of knowledge and experience

Contact me to register



Sat 8 June 2024

12pm - 4pm



Additional workshops held on request


course | $150


Also sometimes called, Tai Chi 10 Form. This is an introductory short form course into Yang Style Tai Chi. 

Compared with other Forms, the 8 Form doesn't have as many moving steps or changes in direction. 

This is a good short form to start learning some Tai Chi moves and can be practiced in a reasonably small space.  

Course includes the 8 Pieces of Brocade Qigong.


Part 1: Saturday 10 August 12pm - 4pm 

Part 2: Saturday 17 August 12pm - 4pm



Additional courses held on request



2 HR | $35


Flow Yin / Yang Qigong 

Qigong session with moves and practices that benefit joint flexibility and joint (body) strength, as well as increasing qi cultivation.


Gentle Yin Qigong

Qigong session with gentle moves & energy / mindful practices (including meditation), to assist in calming the mind and increasing qi cultivation.




Thursdays at 6pm

CWA Hall Atherton  


All levels of expereince welcome



Students can repeat each course. Repeat students will be provided additional instruction to refresh and refine their skill

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Sat 23 March 2024

1pm - 3pm 



Sat 24 February 2024

1pm - 3pm 


Additional mini-workshops held on request



Tai Chi forms and Qigong exercises can be modified to be gentle on the body for people with mobility, joint or other health related issues or limitations.


The exercises and forms can be modified in to suit everyones ability.

You can even do health qigong sitting down and still receive many health benefits.



Private classes for individuals or groups is available on request

$100*/ hour                                               *may be additional room hire cost


Sessions can be tailored for the individual/s to:

  • Learn a Tai Chi form or specific qigong exercise

  • Refine aspects of Tai Chi forms and principles

  • Deepen the Tai Chi experience

Classes, Workshops and Courses

Saturday 1pm - 3pm

Workshop is suitable for all levels of knowledge and experience

Course is held over two weekends - 4 hours each Saturday 12pm-4pm: - total 8 hours


Workshop is suitable for all levels of knowledge and experience

Course is held over multiple weeks: - total of 40 hours


NB: Course can be completed over alterntive dates/sections as negotiated



Tai Chi Forms are usually taught on the left side (first step is to the left).

I continue this tradition, however once students have learnt the Tai Chi Form on the left, I will offer to teach students the Form on the right side.

Combining both left and right sides not only helps with coordination and  balance, but naturally doubles the length of the Form if done continuously left and right. For example by doing the  24 Form left and right, it becomes a 48 Form. 

Course is held over multiple weeks: total 64 hours


NB: Course can be completed over alternative dates/sections as negotiated 


course | $900


Learn the most popular Tai Chi form: the  24 Form (Yang style) also called the Simplified Beijing 24.

It is recommended that students learn a short form or attend some casual classes prior to learning the Tai Chi Yang Style 24 Form as some prior Tai Chi experience would be highly beneficial to remember the moves.

Course includes learning the 8 Pieces of Bracade Qigong.


Course Offered on Request

Students can repeat courses. Repeat students will be provided additional instruction to refresh and refine their skill.


course | $600


This is a Yang Style Tai Chi short form incorporating more movement and footwork than the Yang Style Tai Chi 8 Form.

This Form is not as popular or well known as the 8 or 24 Form, however it's a good next step up from the 8 Form if you're not quite ready for the Tai Chi 24 Form. 

It incorporates Tai Chi walking and has 16 major moves (with transitions) compared to 8 major moves in the 8 Form or 24 major moves in the 24 Form.

Course includes learning the 8 Pieces of Brocade Qigong.


Course Offered on Request